• District Provides Water Quality Report
    The Water District Board of Directors has adopted a revised Water Conservation Plan. State rules require that the plan be updated every five years. The plan is also required to be consistent with the plan adopted earlier this year by the City of Corpus Christi which by contract manages surface water supplies in the region. The Water District's plan is available on this site. [Link to Plan Document]
  • District Provides Water Quality Report
    The San Patricio Municipal Water District has published its summary of the quality of water provided to customers in 2018, as it does each year. A copy of the report can be downloaded from this site. The report includes detailed findings and confirms that drinking water provided by the Water District continues to be safe and meets strict government standards. [Download Report]
  • District Adopts Updated Drought Management Plan
    The Water District has adopted an updated Drought Contingency Plan which is consistent with the restrictions that apply to everyone supplied by the regional water system managed by the City of Corpus Christi. Plan revisions are designed to better reflect the expanded surface water supply available to Coastal Bend customers including Lake Texana and Colorado River water rights. Because the current combined lake level is at 67%, the region is NOT in a water shortage condition. You can download a complete copy of the San Patricio Municipal Water District's Drought Contingency Plan in this story.
    [Full Story and Plan Download]
  • Infant Saved by Employee's Training and Quick Action
    An Ingleside infant was saved from choking and is doing well because of the decisive action of Water District employees J.J. Jalomo and Audrey Paty. On their way to a job site they stopped to assist a family that had pulled their vehicle over because their child was in distress. Jalomo used training he received on the job to provide first aid to 10-month-old Phoenix Ford. The mother described District employees as calm, cool and collected in helping save the child's life.
    [Full Story]
  • Gillespie Wins National Operator of the Year
    Water District Operations Department supervisor Jason Gillespie has been named Operator of the Year by the American Membrane Technology Association in a nationwide competition. The award recognizes outstanding contributions by a plant operator working at a membrane filtration, desalination or water reuse facility that results in significant, long-term improvement in water production or water reuse.
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  • Water District Sweeps 2018 Awards
    The Water District collected three of the top awards at the recent annual meeting of the South Central Membrane Association. The District’s Plant C, in operation since 2000, won first place in the Large Membrane Plant category and water from the plant came out on top to win the Best Tasting Membrane Water award.  Jason Gillespie was presented the organization’s 2018 Outstanding Plant Operator Award.
    [Full Story]
  • Conservation Triggers Now Better Reflect Water Supply
    The Coastal Bend regional rules determining when water use restrictions will be applied in times of drought have been revised to better reflect the expanded water supply which includes water coming from three river basins. The City of Corpus Christi, manager of the regional water supply system, revised the Drought Contingency Plan lowering triggers for each of four increasingly serious drought conditions. [Full Story]
  • District Completes $20 Million in System Expansion Projects
    More than a dozen construction projects have been completed in the past few years to increase capacity and enhance the Water District's delivery system flexibility. That includes projects that will ensure that adequate water is available to support the needs of major industrial employers. Projects include water transmission pipelines, storage tanks, sedimentation basins, additional microfiltration units, an industrial water pump station, an office building, a backup generator and a relocated entrance to the District's treatment plant complex on Highway 361. [Full Story & Photos]

October 17, 2019
Choke Canyon Reservoir:
 (Max Elv 220.5 ft) 203.6 ft
Lake Corpus Christi:
 (Max Elv 94 ft) 91.6 ft
% of Total CCR/LCC Capacity 56.9%
% of Lake Texana Capacity 74.3%
 (Texana Max Elv 44.0 ft) 39.2 ft
About half of the water used each year by SPMWD customers comes from Lake Texana


Coastal Bend residents, businesses and industry are encouraged to make water conservation part of their daily routine. Sprinkler irrigation of lawns is prohibited from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

The Water District has pump stations, transmissions lines, filtration plants and sophisticated control systems. Join our tour and we'll walk you through the process of bringing river water to our processing plants, turning it into drinking water and then delivering it to our wholesale customers. [TOUR]