Safe Drinking Water is Priority One
The mission of the San Patricio Municipal Water District is to provide customers with a reliable supply of water that is safe to drink.  We know safe water is vital to life and we work every day to earn the confidence of our customers.

All the water delivered by the District originates in either the Nueces River or the Navidad River. lab tubes As water travels over the land’s surface and down these rivers it dissolves naturally occurring minerals and picks up other contaminants.

The process of delivering safe tap water starts with state and local efforts to protect rivers and lake waters through watershed protection plans, discharge permitting and practical management strategies.

The District filters and treats river water at our treatment complex located near Ingleside. These facilities are run by certified operators and a diligent management team committed to quality.  The District maintains a laboratory to perform required drinking water analyses and monitor production of each of our product water streams. 

Tap water provided to Odem and Seaboard Water Supply Corp. is treated at the City of Corpus Christi’s O.N. Stevens plant near Calallen.  The San Patricio Municipal Water District west side transmission system is being extended and Odem will start receiving drinking water from our treatment complex by the end of the year. Seaboard will continue to be served from the Corpus Christi water plant.

Industrial Quality Water

The Water District provides water to industrial customers in San Patricio County.  The District has developed a set of three different treatment facilities that allows us to produce water to Resv Air1specifications set by each industrial customer.  This includes potable or drinking quality water, highly polished water from our microfiltration plant and clarified water.  In separate systems we also provide raw water as it comes from the river and treated municipal wastewater for reuse in dust control and irrigation.

This “made to order” service is possible in part because the District’s complex is located in close proximity to the heavy industrial operations situated near the La Quinta Ship Channel on Corpus Christi Bay.  These customers get just the grade of water they need and pay for the combination water and treatment services they use.