Are You Water-Wise?
San Patricio and Aransas Counties are at the eastern edge of the area shown on 19th Century maps as the Wild Horse Desert.

Conserving water in semi-arid South Texas just makes sense. You can reduce your family's water consumption by taking a few simple steps. Residents with yards can conserve even more by using some common sense landscaping ideas. The greatest opportunity for saving water for most people is on lawn watering. Your lawn probably needs less water than you think. And your sidewalk or driveway doesn't need any.

One of the best ideas to come to the Coastal Bend in the past few decades is Xeriscape - the conservation of water and energy using smart landscaping, water delivery systems and water retention techniques. The principles used to develop xeriscapes are good horticultural practices applied to our sometime wet and sometimes dry environment. You can learn more about it here.


One way you can be water wise is to capture rainwater to use on landscapes and gardens. Called Rainwater Harvesting, its been going on in Texas for hundreds of years. We'll show you how you can make it work as part of your effort to use water wisely.