SPMWD Coronavirus Announcements

April 7, 2020

In the Coastal Bend communities we serve, the San Patricio Municipal Water District is one of the most essential elements in the COVID-19 fight. Reliable safe water is a basic element of modern life and hygiene.


Every member of our Water District team has an essential role to play. At the same time we are practicing stay-at-home and social distancing guidance as we get the job done.

One-third of our staff members -- primarily administrative and support personnel -- are working from home and doing their part in keeping business operations moving.

Our essential plant and field operations personnel are on the job making sure we meet the needs of customers with safe and reliable water. This includes plant operators who work 12 hour rotating shifts in an isolated environment.

Maintenance, instrumentation, electrical, technical and lab personnel are following recommended physical distancing as they make sure we are able to treat and send out water daily from our treatment facilities and pump stations. Team members that primarily work in the field are continuing to maintain pipeline right-of-ways, verify and calibrate equipment and deal with maintenance issues. Thankfully, we are able to perform these functions without close employee-to-employee contact.

Our treatment plants, reservoirs, pump stations, pipelines and metering locations cover a large geographic area stretching from the Nueces River pump station at Calallen to our distribution system delivery points on the eastern edge of San Patricio County.


A lot of people are facing uncertainty while the scope and impacts of the global coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic become clear. In these troubling times it can be hard to find information that can reassure us. But one thing we can count on during this time is our tap water – both for drinking and for washing away germs.


The tap water provided by the Water District is safe. Today's water treatment filtration and disinfection processes are designed to eliminate pathogens and viruses. The Coronavirus is a type of virus that is particularly susceptible to disinfection and standard water treatment methods.


There is no need to clear store shelves of bottled water. You may want to save those dollars for something more urgent.